Twenty years ago I was told of a hockey pool method to raise money to support the hockey team I was coaching. It was simple and very successful but somewhat tedious to run and track manually. Still, we raised over $3,000 each year. I personally wrote and refined a software program to make it much easier to administer the hockey pool over the next couple of years. It was then suggested I market the program for other teams to reap the benefits of this easy fundraiser program, which I did and marketed it from a simple web site. The customers would sign-up and I would send them a customized version of the program, based on a few selected parameters, to run on their own personal computer. Once my coaching days were over, the website and program were sidelined.

Jump twenty years later and my son, who I was coaching in the early years, suggested I revive the program as a side business. It required a complete re-write to take advantage of the modern internet, and function as an online program. With Ryan Sacks as the developer, I proudly bring you the HOCKEY POOL FUNDRAISER to easily raise thousands of dollars to support your sports team through their season. 

How it Works

Howard Freedman